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  • I deal with Coaching applied to Business and Sport.

    My business consists in working with people who want to excel with the  awareness  that it is a long, tiring and full of pitfalls path. I started years ago with a footballer, who argued that what matters to be strong is the heart and the head and that I should have helped him to  improve . After these beginnings, I continued not only with athletes from other  sports  but also with coaches, managers and young talents from companies to develop coaching and leadership programs with them.

    Improvement and excellence  are the result of years of work, not improvised and not simply based on innate skills or on shortcuts proposed by those who today call themselves motivators.

    I am interested in the lives of those who manage to  make  their dreams come true, also because psychology is full of stories that explain how mental distress arises while only recently began studying how to become good, how to develop the  skills  needed to succeed. to achieve the  goals  that we have set ourselves, how we manage to guide ourselves in times of difficulty.

    Excellence concerns everyone and not just those who go to the Olympics or great managers. For example, teachers and parents must also be excellent, who must educate children and young people to play, have fun, study and live happily among others.

 The Psychology Studio is a space in support of the person and the family. It offers specialist consultancy and social promotion projects with a view to promoting the well-being of the child, the family, and the individual in the different stages of the life cycle.

The studio offers the possibility of accessing psychological counseling and psychotherapy courses. Anyone who is experiencing a moment of change or discomfort and feels the desire to talk to a specialist who supports and helps him can contact him. The study is guided by an evidence-based approach.

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Sports Coaching

is a powerful strategy to access your full potential, optimize your performance, transform your goals into results.

Business Coaching

it is specialized coaching in work areas and aimed at improving the performance of individual workers to support the emotional management of critical situations (organizational or role change, stressful processes, professional re-motivation).