The Brief Psychological Consultation is suitable for all those who do not have a real psychological disorder but who are experiencing a difficult time or a specific problem such as, for example, improving their emotional, friend or working life, solving a crisis, developing a resource . , manage thoughts and emotions or make an important decision.

If you are living in a confused and tangled period and you need to put things right because talking and venting with your friend is no longer enough , psychological counseling, through listening and specific interview techniques, supports the person in finding his inner energies and then start again.

In this case, the psychologist helps to choose without choosing in the person’s place with the aim of introducing a change through the recovery of blocked resources. After identifying the discomfort limited to a single area of ​​operation, an objective is agreed and well-defined times are established for carrying out the intervention.

Psychological counseling is therefore a brief intervention with specific objectives, aimed at promoting well-being rather than discomfort or a disorder. Therefore, it represents a support limited in time that places at the center of attention the analysis of a current problematic situation, which can be of an emotional, social, work, family nature …
Psychological counseling is not a form of psychotherapy, in fact it differs from it in terms of objectives, methods of implementation, times and methods.

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