The new addictions concern forms of addiction to sex, gambling, the internet, mobile phones and other behaviors that are socially acceptable under normal conditions.


The  new dependencies  ( new addictions ) comprise all those new forms of dependence in which is not involved the use of any substance.

Addiction is towards socially accepted behaviors or activities, including internet  or mobile phone use,  shopping , work,  sex , relationships,  gambling , food. 

For most people these behaviors are part of the normal daily routine, while for others they take on  pathological characteristics .


When the person manifests an  excess  in the  repetition of a certain behavior  so much that he cannot do without it and neglects emotional, social relationships and work. The negative consequences that derive from this affect the entire life of the individual, causing a condition of general suffering, also extended to his social and emotional context.


Love addicts are  obsessive,  avoid the risk of change, often  lack true intimacy ,  the devotion of the beloved is sought .

Affective addicts have been hindered in their growth and development and  associate themselves with the identity of a loved one .

They are  afraid of changes, they  suppress all desire, interest and  have no confidence in  their  individual abilities .

They are obsessed with impossible needs and  unrealistic expectations  , they are led to think that they work in favor of the partner, which will secure their relationship with the consequences, instead, of disappointment and resentment that will end up destroying the couple’s relationship.


The employee  takes his work to bed, he  does not leave it even during the weekend or on vacation, he is never without work because this is his way of life.

Phrases such as “I love my job”, “my work is also my pastime”, “I’m simply providing for my family” are typical of those who have this form of addiction and work gradually becomes the  only reservoir of identity .

The obsession with work  becomes a trap  and turns any activity into work, even play and relaxation.


From surveys carried out in Italy it emerges that there are different types of addiction linked to different factors:

 #  sms employees ;

# employees of the  new model are  constantly buying new models of mobile phones at large sums;

# The  cell exhibitionists  pay much attention to the color and design are constantly using mobile phone in hand showing other aspects of their unit. When they call they do it aloud or when they receive a call, they make the phone ring for a long time to make it heard by all present;

# the  game players  are characterized by an excessive interest in the games and turn your phone into a console;

# those affected  by the Cell Phone On Syndrome  are terrified of having their cell phones turned off and always carry a spare battery with them to avoid being suddenly without a cell phone.


Internet addiction takes several forms:

# cybersex addiction , means virtual sex, use of pronographic material, encounters in erotic chats, masturbation, etc;

# cyber relational addiction , is the addiction to virtual relationships understood as the need to establish friends or love relationships with people met online;

# net compulsions , the implementation of various compulsive behaviors such as online gambling, participation in online auctions and online trading;

# information overload  or cognitive overload, people search for a lot of information online in order to have clearer ideas and make appropriate choices, instead access to a lot of information does not allow for good use;

# computer addiction , practice of  virtual  interactive games  in which the participants play simultaneously and interact with each other. They are engaging because they allow the protagonist / player to build another identity and hide their own. Anonymity (risk factor of online addiction) allows the player to express himself and invent characters that replace the real personality.


Dr. Sposato Italia’s psychology office proposes:

# first evaluation  to understand the problem in its entirety and with respect to the single person, and proposal of an individualized treatment;

# individual therapy path  with the use of behavioral and cognitive techniques that allow to know which are the most functional strategies to cope with this addiction, to then move on to a deeper level and of an emotional nature; 

# therapeutic groups  with the aim of sharing their experiences, identifying critical behaviors, working on the emotional and relational sphere, managing problematic situations and offering mutual support.

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